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Case Studies: SIC Membrane

Client: An edible oil refinery in Sharjah

Topic: Replacement of polymeric membranes by SiC generation membranes


  1. Our client is a big name in the oil refinery industry
  2. They are reusing the treated effluent in the boilers
  3. In need of an amendment in their treatment system which will register an increase in the water treated and there by an increase in the water available for boilers.

Troubles with the polymeric membranes:-

  1. Decrease in the amount of treated water
  2. Increase in the frequency of Cleaning In Place (CIP) of the existing polymeric membrane
  3. Permissible Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP) is less
  4. Degradation in the RO performance (fouling)

Action taken to alleviate the troubles:-

The existing polymeric membrane which forms a part of the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) were replaced by Silicon Carbide membranes from our associates, CEMBRANE of Denmark.

Results Observed:-

  1. Increase in the average flow by 25% with a flux of 80 LMH as against 20 LMH with polymeric  membranes.
  2. Frequency of CIP of membranes came down from 7 times a month to 2 times a month.
  3. The permissible TMP went up to 600 milli bar(negative) with smooth operation.
  4. Reverse Osmosis CIP frequency came own from once in 4 days to once in 3 weeks.

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