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Emvees mission to zero Food waste management

The UAE’s transformation into a globally significant food processing nation has not been without challenges, one of the most crucial of which is food waste management.  Food waste is a common result of increased commercial activity and is a serious problem in cities when these activities are carried out on a big scale. As being a strategic location in the Middle East, the UAE has seen rapid economic expansion during the last two decades. The UAE’s prominence as the Middle East’s business hub has aided this expansion in part.

Every day, as a fast industrializing country, a massive amount of solid waste is released. As a result, sophisticated waste management systems must be implemented. The Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) was launched into the UAE market by Emvees Waste Water Treatment LLC to process solid waste as rapidly and efficiently as feasible. The BTD minimizes food waste by more than 75% to 80%, and the final result may be utilized as a natural fertilizer.

The functioning part of this mechanism starts once solid waste reaches the BTD. It is then heated to activate thermophilic bacteria. The thermophiles are voracious feeders that also emit heat, which aids in maintaining the temperature within the BTD. When the temperature (the heat required by thermophiles) is constant, the heater pads turn off. The heat in the BTD chambers (up to 50-60 C) also sterilizes the finished product, guaranteeing that microorganisms are completely eradicated. As a result, the finished product may be utilized right away following treatment. As a result, BTD is the most efficient strategy for managing food waste from Emvees.

Food waste can put the public’s health in danger, and it’s generally bad for people and the environment. With so much waste generated in the region, the issue of how strong the nation’s solid waste management is important on a variety of levels, including both social and environmental ones. A long-term waste management system will guarantee that the huge volume of waste produced is adequately controlled and managed, resulting in minimal environmental impact.

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