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FOG - Fats, Oils & Grease

FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) has been quite a problem in all wastewater treatment plants since these contaminants destabilize the aerobic section of the wastewater treatment plants. FOG is also problematic to the restaurants which may find the whole scenario unpleasant and likewise for the haulers as well.Emvees in association with Greasezilla of US have teamed together to make FOG, which is a problematic waste, a profitable one.

Greasezilla™ removes brown grease from collected FOG waste. The system is simple to operate, works without additives or dewatering leave little to be further processed, and has a total operating expense of 1- 2¢ cents per gallon, as per US standards.

Greasezilla™ generates its own heat using the very same biofuel it processes from FOG waste. No additives, additional processing, blending, or fossil fuels are required.

Greasezilla is a turnkey standalone system that can also be used for the optimization of Dissolved Air Flotation & Anaerobic Digester systems. Greasezilla can be used for complete separation or to homogenize substrates for digesters.

The Greasezilla™ system is Simple, Efficient, Cost-effective and Environmentally friendly.


  • Requires no special electrical upgrades
  • Can be installed in virtually any commercial building
  • Is easy to operate and maintain
  • Is modular and designed to be expandable and scalable


  • Uses hydronic fluid rather than steam for heat transfer, eliminating scaling
  • Requires no flocculants, polymers, or other costly additives
  • Exhaust emissions have no detectable color or odor
  • Burns a small fraction of the very fuel it produces
  • Process up to 40,000 gallons of raw Grease Trap Waste per day.

Environmentally friendly

  • Removes FOG from the waste stream
  • Processes it into biofuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creates pasteurized, headworks-ready effluent water
  • Creates instead of consumes resources.


  • Eliminates costs associated with dewatering, drying, lagooning, land applying, incinerating, composting.
  • Significantly reduces post-treatment hauling volume and costs
  • Greasezilla™ owners capture tipping fees
  • Generates revenue through the sale of the biofuel offtake

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