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Food Waste Management

Due to attractive economic opportunities, the UAE has witnessed a tremendous rise in population. As a result, the number of hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants has also soared. Food waste has, thus, increased substantially. As recommended by the UAE Government, we have doubled our efforts to treat solid waste as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Emvees Waste Water Treatment LLC introduced the Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) into the UAE market. The BTD reduces food waste by over 75-80% and the end product can be directly used as soil conditioner.

When solid waste enters the BTD, it is heated for thermophilic bacteria to begin its action. The thermophiles are voracious eaters and they release heat themselves, which helps sustain the heat within the BTD. Heater pads cease functioning once the temperature (the heat necessary for the thermophiles) stays steady. The heat within the BTD chambers (up to 50-60 C) also sterilizes the end product, ensuring complete absence of bacteria. Thus, the end product can be used directly after treatment. This makes BTD the most efficient system for food waste management.

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