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Media Replacement

Media within a filter is the heart of the system. The filter media normally has a life span of 5-10 years, depending on the type of water it is subjected to and the maintenance of the filtration system. The media is normally replaced once every 18 months or 24 months in the hospitality sector, depending on the following.

  • Decreased efficiency of filtration
  • Decrease in treated water flow
  • Increased frequency of back washing of filters

The filter bed can get clogged up and cause channeling which also decreases the flow across the system and increases the bacterial contamination in the filter media. These are attributed to proper maintenance of the filtration systems and also on the degree of suspensions in the feed water. The sizing of the filtration system with the proper velocity (according to the type of feed water) plays a major role here and care should be given to this aspect, to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the filtration system.

We at Emvees are adept in providing media replacement in the most efficient and economical way possible, with the good offices of our well experienced technicians. The replacements are done with less downtime and the old media is taken away for disposal, normally within Emvees’ scope.

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