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Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP), including STPs and ETPs, have been operating in the UAE for a long time. Emvees designs and implements projects to treat wastewater, run it for an agreed period of time, train operators, and hands over the plant to the client.

Once the client takes over the WWTP, problems like incorrect dosages, non-optimal flow, lower quality of treated water may arise. In the unlikely event that the WWTP becomes a hassle, we arrange for the entire O&M of the plant with full-time operators. We handle problems with ETPs & STPs so that our clients can concentrate on improving the productivity of their organizations. Our team, honed by experience, ensures the following aspects of the WWTPs.

Emvees now has a solution to all problems in WWTPs…we take up the entire O&M of the plants, by offering experienced operators, 24×7…365 days.

We take up all the issues with ETPs & STP’s so that our Client can concentrate on their core strengths and improve the productivity of the organization. Our well experienced staff will look into all aspects of the WWTP as below.

  • O&M of the WWTP
  • Experienced and well-trained operators.
  • Hassle-free operation.
  • Excellent service back up
  • Supply of the highest quality chemicals.

Emvees also brings about the AMC concept, that includes the following:

  • Weekly or Fortnightly visits to the site, to check on the WWTP
  • Troubleshooting of issues in WWTP
  • Full-time availability of response teams.
  • Contract for the supply of chemicals.

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