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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the privacy practices of Emvees Wastewater Treatment LLC concerning the collection and processing of personal information. We are dedicated to upholding your privacy in compliance with applicable data privacy regulations. By proceeding to read and understand our policy written, you are acknowledging your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

1. Objective

Through this privacy policy, we aim to provide a clear overview of our privacy practices regarding the collection and processing of your personal information from various sources. This policy covers the categories of personal data we collect, how we use or process such data, who has access to it, and your associated rights under applicable laws.

1.1 Information Collected

  1. Data from Website Visits: When you visit and use our websites, we collect information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, demographics, details about your computer’s operating system, device information, telemetry data, browser type, and data collected via cookies or similar tracking technologies. This paragraph is particularly relevant for website visitors who browse our websites without submitting additional data.
  2. Personal and Contact Details: We may collect personal and contact information, including your name, title, email address, phone numbers, address, designation, company/organization, industry, and location (city/country). Additionally, we may gather LinkedIn profiles or similar professional data.
  3. Login Credentials: If you register for any of our services, we collect login credentials, including usernames and passwords.
  4. Audio-Visual Information: When you participate in our events, webinars, or similar activities, we may capture photographs, images, and video recordings (if enabled).
  5. Queries and Feedback: Any queries, comments, or feedback you submit, including correspondence with us, are collected.
  6. Marketing Preferences: We collect your preferences related to marketing communications, areas of interest, subscription details, and dietary preferences or allergies in relation to events we may organize.
  7. Additional Data: Depending on your relationship with us, we may collect additional data, as detailed in separate privacy statements for specific categories of data subjects at the end of this policy.

1.2 Sources of Personal Information

We collect the aforementioned personal information from various sources, including:

  • Information submitted by you through our website forms, chats, applications on our portals, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., or by contacting or emailing our official contacts.
  • Information is shared with Emvees employees, such as our sales or marketing representatives.
  • Information shared with or by Emvees affiliates.
  • Information shared by the employers of visitors and contractors (where applicable)
  • Data sourced from public websites and social media, including publicly accessible profiles.
  • Information shared by our suppliers, vendors, and service providers.
  • Data collected via cookies and similar tracking technologies.

1.3 Collection of Personal Information Through Automated Means

We occasionally gather data using automated technology, such as cookies and similar tools. When you access our website, a small text file known as a cookie is placed on your computer or electronic device. These technologies also include web beacons, action tags, ‘flash cookies,’ and single-pixel gifs. They enable us to track users’ actions and store information about them.

Upon your first visit to our site, we will ask for your consent to use cookies and similar technologies. If you decline, these technologies will not be utilized. You can opt out of cookies at any time or configure your browser not to accept them, but this may affect some website features.

1.4 Automated Decision-Making

You may become subject to our automated decision-making processes. Automated decision-making involves using personal information to make decisions through electronic systems, not human intervention.

If you are subject to automated decision-making, you will always be notified of this. You have the right to request a review or reconsideration of such decisions through manual means within one month of the automated decision.

1.5 Use of Personal Information

Your personal information may be used by us for various purposes, including but not restricted to:

  • Providing better usability, troubleshooting, and site maintenance.
  • Understanding website usage patterns and visitor frequency.
  • Creating login credentials when necessary.
  • Identifying you upon registration on our website.
  • Facilitating communication with you, including responding to your queries or requests.
  • Enabling marketing and sales-related communications.
  • Inviting you to events, seminars, and related activities, including marketing or promotional campaigns and social media publications.
  • Publishing testimonials and case studies.
  • Maintaining leads in our Customer Relationship Management database.
  • Conducting data analytics to enhance user experience and improve website performance.
  • Optimizing our business operations, applications, systems, and processes.
  • Ensuring information security, maintaining audit trails, and protecting against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
  • Complying with applicable laws and legal requirements.

1.6 Legal Basis of Processing

We rely on various legal bases for processing personal information, including:

  • Performance of a Contract: We process your personal information when necessary to fulfill a contract in which you are a party or when taking steps at your request prior to entering a contract. For example, when you engage with us to receive our services or manage employee data for employment contract compliance.
  • Legitimate Interests: We process your personal information when it serves a legitimate interest pursued by us or a third party (provided these interests do not override your data protection rights). This includes understanding your website usage, generating secure login credentials, and optimizing our processes.
  • Consent: We process your personal information with your consent, which can be revoked at any time. For instance, when registering for events or receiving marketing communications from us.
  • Legal Obligations: We may process your personal information to comply with legal obligations, including applicable laws, protecting our legal rights, seeking remedies, and defending against claims.

1.7 Legal Bases for Sensitive Information:

We may process sensitive personal information as described earlier. The purposes for processing sensitive data are justified by specific legal conditions, in addition to the general legal bases mentioned above.

1.8 Legal Grounds for Processing Sensitive Information

As mentioned earlier, we may handle sensitive personal information concerning you, and we’ve outlined the general purposes for such processing. These purposes adhere to lawful conditions. Additionally, we will process your sensitive personal information only when one or a combination of the following additional legal justifications applies:

  1. Explicit Consent: We will process your sensitive information if you have explicitly given us consent to do so.
  2. Necessary for Employment and Social Protection: When authorized by law, we may process sensitive data if it’s required for employment, social security, or social protection purposes.
  3. Vital Interests: Processing may occur if it’s necessary for your vital interests or those of another person.
  4. Legitimate Activities: Sensitive information may be processed within legitimate activities of foundations, associations, or non-profit bodies with political, philosophical, religious, or trade union objectives.
  5. Public Availability: If you have made the information publicly accessible, we may process it.
  6. Legal Claims: Processing may be necessary for defending or initiating legal claims or court proceedings.
  7. Substantial Public Interest: We may process sensitive data when it’s necessary for substantial public interests.
  8. Medical or Social Care: Sensitive information may be processed for medical or social care reasons.
  9. Public Health: Processing may be necessary for public interests or in the realm of public health.
  10. Research and Archiving: When it serves scientific research, statistical purposes, historical research, or archiving in the public interest, we may process sensitive information.

1.9 Processing Sensitive Information

To achieve the purposes outlined, we typically process sensitive information when it is necessary to adhere to legal obligations related to employment, social security, and social protection.

2. Legal Bases for Handling Criminal Information

As previously mentioned, we may handle information regarding criminal offenses concerning you. We have clarified the general reasons for processing such data, which align with legal conditions.

However, there are specific conditions that must be met to process criminal offense data. To serve the purposes we have explained, we rely on the legal condition that processing is necessary to fulfil employment, social security, and social protection requirements mandated by law.

Consequences of Not Providing Personal Information

If you choose not to provide mandatory Personal Information required for processing your request, we may be unable to fulfill the relevant processing purposes, including providing services to you.

2.1 Data Recipients, Transfer, and Disclosure

Emvees Wastewater Treatment LLC does not share your Personal Information with third parties for direct marketing purposes. We share Personal Information with entities such as subsidiaries, business partners, service providers, authorized third-party agents, auditors, and government authorities where applicable.

2.2 Data Security

At Emvees Wastewater Treatment LLC, we maintain a strong balance between Governance, Process, and Technology. This combination ensures our commitment to customers and stakeholders. We employ reasonable and appropriate security controls, practices, and procedures, including administrative, physical security, and technical controls, to safeguard your personal information.

2.3 Data Retention

We retain personal information only for the necessary period to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy unless longer retention is required by law or for legitimate business purposes. Personal data no longer needed as per legal and business requirements is securely disposed of.

2.4 Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademarks, and patents, belong to the company or its licensors. Use, reproduction, modification, distribution, or display of any part requires prior written consent.

2.5 Children’s Privacy

Children should not use our websites or services. We do not knowingly solicit or collect personally identifiable information online from children without verifiable parental consent. If we learn that a child has submitted personally identifiable information online without parental consent, we take appropriate measures to delete the information, except where necessary to protect the safety of the child or others as required or allowed by law.

2.6 Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy as necessary, with changes posted on our website. Our commitment to protecting the privacy of our website users remains unchanged.

2.7 Sharing Your Personal Information

Whenever we share any of your personal information with a third party, we grant them permission to process this information solely for our specified purposes and under our explicit instructions, not for their own use. To facilitate such sharing, a formal legal agreement is required.

To achieve the purposes mentioned earlier, there may be occasions when we need to share your personal information with other third parties.

2.8 Retention Period for Your Personal Information

Your personal information will only be retained for the duration necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes. Following this period, your information will be securely deleted or anonymized.

2.9. Securing Your Information

We are committed to ensuring the security of your personal information and have implemented measures for this purpose. Our ISO 27001 certification plays a key role in safeguarding your data, and we employ technological and organizational measures to maintain its security.

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