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UrSpring by Emvees – Redefining Water Treatment for Villas, Clinics, Hotels, and Schools

Access to clean, safe water is a basic requirement for leading a healthy lifestyle in today’s hectic world. Whether you own a villa, clinic, hotel, or school, ensuring the utmost quality of your water supply is crucial.  The flagship water filter from Emvees Water treatment Solutions, the UrSpring, is meant to get rid of up to 99.99% of viruses, including every tiny known virus.

Utilizing cutting-edge ultrafiltration technology, UrSpring ensures a constant supply of tasty, safe, and clean water from every tap. Let’s explore how UrSpring can transform water treatment for your business, establishing new benchmarks for quality and well-being.

Operating Theory

UrSpring delivers high water quality via a multi-step procedure. Water is first obtained from a spring or the city supply, and it then enters the UrSpring system through the domestic water connection. Depending on the filter media selected, the system’s biofilter media efficiently removes pesticides, plasticizers, lime deposits, and even drug residues.

Ultrafiltration technology is used in the following step to eliminate harmful pollutants such as rust stains, germs, parasites, and viruses. In the end, UrSpring makes sure that clean water is available from every tap in your business, fostering a safer and healthier workplace for everyone.



City water and spring water succeeds through the domestic water connection to your UrSpring system.


Biofilter Media

Depending on the filter media, the biofilter reduces lime deposits, pesticides, plasticizers or drug residues.

Ultra- Filtration

Seccua’s advanced technology reduces viruses, bacteria, parasites, rust stains, turbidity and microplastics.


Finally Clean

Enjoy pure, safe and great tasting water from
every tap in your home.

Benefits of Urspring

  • Chemical-free

The absence of chemicals in UrSpring’s water treatment system makes it safe for consumption and lowers the chance of being exposed to dangerous substances.

  • No byproducts or residues

UrSpring ensures purity and cleanliness by leaving no residues or byproducts in the water, compared to conventional water treatment techniques.

  • Friendly to the environment

Offering ecologically friendly products is something Emvees Watertreatment Solutions takes great pleasure in. UrSpring reduces water waste, lessening its total impact on the environment.

  • Self-cleaning automatically

The automated self-cleaning function of the UrSpring system ensures peak performance and minimises the need for regular maintenance.

  • Pleasant taste

With UrSpring, you may enjoy water with a flavorful taste that will improve the drinking experience and encourage people to stay hydrated.

Bottom Line

UrSpring by Emvees stands out as a dependable option for water purification solutions for villas, clinics, hotels, and schools. UrSpring prioritizes the health and well-being of people on your property with its chemical-free and ecologically friendly approach, which offers a host of advantages. You can rely on UrSpring to provide the best water treatment option that satisfies the highest requirements for purity and quality.

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