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Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment plays a vital role in protecting our environment and public health. By removing harmful contaminants from wastewater, we ensure clean water is returned to our ecosystem and prevent waterborne illnesses.

Emvees stands at the forefront of this crucial endeavor. We go beyond simply providing water and wastewater treatment systems – we pursue excellence. Our extensive experience across various industries allows us to tailor solutions that meet your specific needs. Emvees’ dedicated team of engineers applies the highest standards to every project, ensuring long-lasting, efficient wastewater treatment systems.

Services Offered

Emvees provides a wide range of services under wastewater treatment, including:

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Our industrial wastewater treatments encompass a broad array of solutions designed to manage hazardous effluents, with a particular focus on the chemical and petroleum industries.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Emvees designs cost-effective sewage treatment solutions that comply with the requirements established by the UAE government.

Grey Water Treatment

We offer high quality filtration techniques for greywater, which includes gently used water from kitchens, laundry, bathrooms, dishwashers, and wash basins. The filtered water is clear, odor-free, and suitable for irrigation.

Vehicle Wash Water Recycling System

We provide advanced vehicle wash water recycling systems that effectively treat and recycle water used in vehicle washing processes. Our systems remove contaminants and impurities, resulting in clear, odor-free water that can be reused for subsequent washes, promoting sustainability and reducing water consumption.

Organic Solid Waste Management

We provide comprehensive organic solid waste management solutions that effectively process and convert organic waste into valuable byproducts. Our systems are designed to reduce landfill use and environmental impact while promoting sustainability through composting, anaerobic digestion, and other eco-friendly methods.

Grease Trap Solutions

Emvees specializes in grease trap solutions, offering a variety of options tailored to specific needs. Our range includes Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, and Type-D grease traps, each designed to effectively capture fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. With our expertise, we ensure efficient grease removal, preventing blockages and environmental contamination while promoting compliance with regulatory standards.

  • FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) Treatment

We offer specialized FOG treatment solutions designed to efficiently remove fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. Emvees, in association with Greasezilla of the US, has teamed up to transform FOG, a problematic waste, into a profitable resource. Our systems ensure that effluents are treated to meet environmental standards, preventing blockages and minimizing the impact on sewage systems, while promoting a cleaner and more sustainable operation.

Technologies Offered

Emvees is at the forefront of providing innovative and advanced technologies for wastewater treatment. Our solutions encompass a wide array of cutting-edge technologies that are specifically designed to address the complex challenges associated with wastewater treatment processes.

Emvees offers cutting-edge technologies for wastewater treatment, including:

  • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR): Emvees has incorporated the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR), one of the latest advancements in biological treatment. This state-of-the-art membrane separation technology produces treated water with unparalleled bacterial reduction, all without the need for chemical additives. The MBR boasts numerous advantages, including high-quality treated water, a compact footprint for installation, and simplified operation compared to conventional methods like the Activated Sludge Process (ASP).
  • Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR): Our expertise extends to the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), utilized for wastewater treatment in both municipal and industrial sectors. This technology is highly effective for BOD removal, nitrification, and denitrification, offering efficient solutions for diverse wastewater treatment challenges.

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