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Water Treatment in Food Industries

Food and beverage industries are the most water-consuming industries, in terms of process and cleaning. In the UAE, food industries essentially mean meat and fish processing units, chocolate, bread, pastries, and readymade meal manufacturing units. A good amount of water is used in processing foods. Large quantities of water are also required for the CIP process, which is prevalent in most food processing factories.

The water used for CIP and from other waste streams needs treatment since these waste streams will be high in organic loads, suspended solids, and oil (especially for processed meat/fish). Due to the undesirably high contamination in these waste streams, treatment before discharge becomes necessary.

Emvees has proved its prominence in this segment, with clients who are major MNCs and leading food manufacturing industries in the UAE. The experienced and dedicated estimation and process engineers are supported by a highly credited installation and commissioning team. Empowered by this formidable team, Emvees forges ahead with determination and this is why Emvees has become the leading ETP vendor for food industries in the UAE.

Emvees offers the following technology:
  • Anaerobic digesters.
  • ASP/ EA.
  • SAFF.
  • MBBR.
  • MBR.

The use of DAF systems with pipe flocculators, lamella clarifiers, normal clarifiers, and settling tanks are also a part of Emvees’ designs.

Emvees provides complete solutions to waste water treatment to include the Sludge Dewatering Units (SDUs) as listed below:

  • Filter Press.
  • Screw Press.
  • Decanter centrifuge.
  • Belt press.

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