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The need for industrial wastewater treatment in the UAE is growing exponentially, especially with the recent government directives which strongly encourage industries to adopt recycling options. Discharge is permitted after treatment.

Since companies are progressively choosing recycling options in their bid to go green, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are gaining prominence. As a result, the use of Treated Sewage Effluents (TSE) for irrigation has become rampant in the UAE.

We, at Emvees, have a dedicated team of engineers who will comprehensively evaluate each inquiry and provide the following services:

  • Arrive at the inlet design parameters and treated water parameters.
  • Discuss the degree of treatment preferred by the client.
  • Design a competitive treatment methodology.
  • Submit the proposal.
  • Upon confirmation, prepare a bar chart that outlines the time frame.
  • Submit detailed engineering drawings for client approval.
  • Order vital components, locally and overseas.
  • Assemble the units as the components arrive.
  • Inspect site readiness.
  • Install and commission the wastewater treatment plant at the site.

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